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Additive-Free is Important

Being the "Additive-Free Company" means that we use NO additives and NO excipients in ANY of our products.

• No Magnesium Stearate
• No Fillers or Flow Agents
• No Chemicals
• No Preservatives



Naturally powerful exotic super fruit combinations for Diet, Detox and Optimal Health.*

The Rainforest line of Exotic Fruit Products offers all natural combinations of powerful exotic super fruits from around the world. These unique and amazing combinations promote incredible results for those seeking to improve their health with all natural remedies. All Rainforest formulas are Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Additive-Free.

Rainforest Product Line

Diet & Cleanse
• Lose Weight*
• Cleanse & Detoxify*
• Curb Appetite*
• Boost Energy*

Super Cleanse
Powerfully Cleanse & Purify
the Digestive System for
Total Body Health.*

Energy Boost
Safe & Effective Adrenal
Gland Support for Sustained
Energy & Stress Relief.*

Anti-Aging Complex
Resveratrol + CoQ10,
Pomegranate, Açai Berry,
and Grapeseed Extract